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Best for:

  • ▪ Commercial and multi-family construction.
  • ▪ Large warehouse junk clean up and daily use.
  • ▪ Large residential construction.

This is an open-top container with a backdoor. The door can be opened to dispose of debris, but remember that it needs to be close at the time of pickup. This container dimension is: 8′ x 22′ x 6′.

You can use this container for:

  • ▪ Demolition debris
  • ▪ Construction debris
  • ▪ Fill
  • ▪ Remodeling & clean up debris
  • ▪ Landscaping waste
  • ▪ Roofing
  • ▪ Appliance and furniture clean up
  • ▪ Tire (extra charge may apply)

Please consult with your representative: depending on the disposal debris, a few materials may not be accepted and will cause additional fees. If it’s not too much trouble, consult with your representative on the off chance you are planning on throwing the following items listed below:

  • ▪ Flammable and toxic materials
  • ▪ Contaminate materials
  • ▪ Food waste
  • ▪ Hazardous or biohazardous materials
  • ▪ Concrete

IMPORTANT: Please consult with your representative for any understanding of your dumpster rental.

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